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Storyteller Overland – Camper Vans Uniquely Crafted for Any Adventure

Are the rocky mountain tops and mystic backwoods calling your name? Have you found yourself yearning for the sparkle of a forest stream or peaceful riverbed? What does your passion for exploration call for? Whatever your picture-perfect scene of the great outdoors may be, Storyteller Overland has the comfort, convenience, and rugged durability to get you there.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Storyteller Overland sprang from the passion of master RV craftsmanship and the pursuit of endless exploration. Since 2019, Storyteller Overland has crafted one-of-a-kind Class B camper vans equipped with 4x4 freedom to handle the topography of any adventure. Road trippers and weekend warriors alike can experience the true freedom of van life from thoughtful engineering and flexible design featured on the Classic MODE 4x4.

Built by and for passionate explorers, Storyteller Overland camper vans provide RV travelers the opportunity to experience the open road and beyond in a matter unlike ever before. Storyteller Overland continues to build a close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts through exceptional customer experience and support. Furthermore, every Class B RV built by the Storyteller Overland team is crafted with leading-edge quality rising to the level of the ultimate camper van lifestyle.

Storyteller Overland's commitment of equipping fellow outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders, and road trippers allows effortless access to invaluable resources and innovative gear. Rooted by the expertise of industry-leading designers and engineers, Storyteller Overland shifts the landscape of campervan travel through adaptable, rugged, and refined manufacturing. From the Classic MODE 4x4 to the newest Stealth MODE 4x4 and Beast MODE 4x4, Storyteller Overland's Sprinter van line-up thrives in any environment, season, or terrain.

Classic MODE 4x4 – One of the most intuitive Sprinter Class B RVs available is available today. Unparalleled convenience, comfort and versatility are handcrafted into every element of the Storyteller Overland Classic MODE 4x4. With a singular vision to create a seamless experience of adventure for RVers on and off road, Storyteller Overland proudly designs the ultimate camper van that champions the spirit of 4x4 freedom. Take on any mode of adventure, whether on the road or off the grid with the infinite versatility of automotive-grade lithium power, HALO shower, 144" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 chassis, and rugged aluminum roof rack.

Stealth MODE 4x4 – Boost your off-road experience with additional storage space, lithium charging power, and improved climate control. Blend into the wild with a darkened exterior that includes matte black wheels, a hydro dipped grill, and a premium Selenite grey metallic finish. elevates the Classic Storyteller Overland spirit to the next level of outdoor exploration. This cutting-edge Sprinter Class B RV is equipped with the intuitive element of convenience, comfort and versatility and enhanced with greater storage, power, and climate control capabilities. Designed for the adventure camper that wishes to blend into both the urban lifestyle and answer the call of the great wild, this camper van provides a seamless experience of comfort with ruggedness for RVers on the road, off the grid, and beyond.

Beast MODE 4x4 – For the most rugged of road warriors and championed for the RV traveler wishing to wander to where no other travelers dare. Feel the freedom of 4x4 like never before with a Class B Sprinter RV that is built to thrive in any terrain. Powerful suspension, bolder lighting, and greater rack storage opportunities allow you to gear up for any exploit you have in mind. This camper van revolutionizes the experience of rugged travel with the signature Storyteller Overland spirit of seamless RV travel.

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