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Stealth Mode VanUp Limited!

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King Shocks

Upgraded Suspension

Ride Like a King!

Our Stealth MODE VanUp Limited includes our VanUp X King Shocks Sprinter Adjustable Suspension Upgrade Kit and our Agile RIP Rear Leaf Springs to ensure a smoother, more controlled driving experience tailored to your needs.

VanUp X King Shocks Sprinter Adjustable Suspension Upgrade Kit

Precision Control

Fine-tune your ride quality to perfection with advanced compression adjustment.

Customizable Comfort

Adjust the ride height to match your driving style for optimal comfort and performance.

Smooth Ride Over Rough Terrain

Large shock bodies and external finned reservoirs ensure a cool and smooth ride, even on the toughest terrains.

Agile RIP Rear Leaf Springs

Explore with Confidence

Increase your rear ride height by almost 2 inches, enhancing off-road capability without sacrificing comfort.

Focused on Your Comfort

Designed with RIDE IMPROVEMENT in mind, say goodbye to unsettling jolts and enjoy a smoother, more stable ride.

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King Shocks

Upgraded Lighting package

Light Up the Night!

Our Stealth MODE VanUp Limited's upfitted lighting package includes our KC Pro6 Gravity® LED 8-Light Bar System, our KC HiLiTES® Flex Era® 1 - 2-Light Master Kit, our KC HiLiTES 2" C-Series C2 LED - 2-Light System - 20W Flood Beam, and our Nacho Offroad PM411 Quatro Combo Beam w/White TRL to provide enhanced visibility and safety for nighttime driving. These innovative lighting designs offer powerful illumination and versatility, ensuring optimal lighting for both on and off-road adventures.

KC Pro6 Gravity® LED 8-Light Bar System

Illuminate Your Path with Unmatched Versatility and Style

Tailor-Made Lighting

Adjust the light bar with our patented Infinity Ring™ system to ensure optimal illumination for any situation. Perfect for various vehicle models.

Adventure Awaits

Whether off-roading or cruising, this LED Light Bar is your ticket to a brighter, safer ride. Adventure further with Gravity® LED Pro6.

KC HiLiTES® Flex Era® 1 — 2-Light Master Kit

Your Ultimate Companion for Nighttime Adventures

Compact Power

With 2,430 lumens, the FE1 is versatile and powerful, suitable for various lighting applications.

Limitless Possibilities

Designed to mount anywhere, the FLEX ERA® 1 is a statement of style, functionality, and ruggedness. Illuminate your journey with limitless versatility.

KC HiLiTES 2" C-Series C2 LED — 2-Light System - 20W Flood Beam

Enhance Your Nighttime Visibility with Powerful Illumination

See Everything

Engineered for superior peripheral illumination, these lights ensure you never miss a detail on the road.

Venture Further

Equipped to explore the unknown, KC HiLiTES lights the way. Adventure awaits with the C2 LED Area Flood Light System.

Nacho Offroad PM411 Quatro Combo Beam w/White TRL

Unparalleled Versatility and Performance in Off-Road Lighting

Control Your Light

Switch between functions for customized lighting. The Quatro Combo offers wide coverage and a focused spotlight.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety

The TRL provides captivating visibility without blinding others. Amber and smoke covers included for added protection.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant, these lights are engineered for the harshest conditions.

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King Shocks

Upgraded Wheels

Roll With The Punches

Our BF Goodrich tires offer aggressive traction and durability for all terrains, while the Method MR703 VanUp Method Steel Gray Wheels contribute to the vehicle's performance and aesthetic appeal. The nVader Tire Bucket for the nVader Rack adds convenience and style, providing secure storage for a spare tire and additional gear, enhancing the overall functionality of the StealthMODE VanUp Limited.

BF Goodrich All Terrain Tire KO2 275 / 70R17

Unmatched Traction

Whether mud, deep snow, or gravel, the KO2's aggressive traction ensures control in challenging conditions, including rock climbing.

High-Speed Stability

Navigate sharp corners at high speeds with confidence, thanks to the advanced footprint shape.

Year-Round Durability

Enjoy long-term durability with patented CoreGard Max Technology, featuring split-resistant sidewalls and increased thickness. A tire that's not just for a season but for the long haul.

Method MR703 VanUp Method Steel Gray Wheel

Enhanced Off-Road Performance

Patented Bead Grip® technology allows for better control on rough terrains by enabling tire deflation without needing bead lock wheels.

Durable and Lightweight

Crafted from patented A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment, ensuring a robust yet lightweight wheel that can withstand challenging conditions.

Stylish Design

The unique 12-window design and dual debossed METHOD logos add a touch of elegance, making it a perfect blend of style and functionality for your vehicle.

Tire Bucket for nVader Rack

Rugged Protection

Constructed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring your spare tire is secure and accessible.

Sleek and Functional Design

The black finish adds elegance, while the innovative design offers additional storage for tools, camping gear, or essentials.

Embrace the Open Road

Whether on trails or a cross-country journey, the NVader Tire Bucket promises durability, convenience, and style. Make every journey unforgettable.


Wait! There's More!

In addition to all of the products we've already listed, you also get the follwing:

ARB Sprinter OBA Kit w/Compressor
offers an on-board air solution with a compact compressor, designed to assist with tire inflation and other air-supplied needs.
Agile Offroad Sprinter Horn Kit
provides a powerful and loud horn upgrade for enhanced safety and signaling.
TerraWagen No Rub Fender
offers a customized solution to prevent tire rubbing, enhancing vehicle appearance and functionality.
Gray 13.55mm Cable Gland
ensures a watertight seal for cables, providing protection and organization.
AO Wheel Spacer Splined Nut Kit 16mm
offers a precise fit and alignment for wheels, enhancing stability and appearance.
Method Valve Stem Cap in Titanium
adds a sleek and durable finishing touch to your wheels, ensuring the valve stems are protected with style.