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Ideas for Setting Up Your RV Patio


When you set up camp on your next RV adventure, don’t forget about the great space that an RV patio gives you. Not only does it extend your living area, but it also provides a comfy spot to enjoy some fresh air outdoors. We have experienced some beautiful places where you didn’t have to go past your front door to be wowed by the amazing scenery.

In addition to giving added space, an RV patio has a few other benefits. Having a place to take off dirty shoes or clean wet feet before entering the RV will keep things cleaner inside. The RV will stay cooler by cooking or grilling outdoors too. Best of all, relaxing outside provides the perfect opportunity to meet some fellow campers or enjoy family time around the campfire. Here are some of our tips to help you set up a patio that suits your needs.

Guest Post by Robin Buck

Winnebago Inspire outdoor patio and awning

Floor Coverings

A popular option for your RV patio is an outdoor rug. They come in many colors and styles and will help to define the boundaries of your outdoor area. Camping rugs are weather resistant, washable, and fold up easily for travel.

Along with a rug, a door mat can help cut down on dirt that enters your RV. It might “Welcome” your visitors or have a fun design on it. Even better are RV step covers because they can stay on your camper during travel. We find it helpful to keep a tote next to the door to hold dirty shoes or other outdoor items that don’t need to come inside.

Seating Options

You will definitely want a place to sit and relax on your RV patio. You can choose standard folding camp chairs or splurge on deluxe models that have cup holders, extra padding, footrests, and even a reclining or rocking feature. Your RV storage space may dictate what chair size and how many you have room for, though. Do your research to find what is comfortable for you so that you will enjoy your time outside. You might even add a few weather-resistant pillows for comfort.

Winnebago Solis camping with family and friends

Eating and Cooking 

Many campsites provide a picnic table which is great for eating outside. We purchased fitted picnic table and bench seat covers that really make it more comfortable. A folding table can give you extra prep area or a place to put your grill. However, make sure it is heat resistant if you plan to use it as a cooking area. There are now portable firepits that are great for after dinner marshmallow roasting or s’more making. They also are great for family time conversations or evening stargazing.

Shade and Lights

Most RVs have awnings that can be extended to provide shade when you are outside. Shade panels and screen rooms are great options to add protected space for outdoor fun while remaining cool. String lights or lanterns will add a fun ambience to your patio. Adding lights to your outdoor area will allow you to enjoy your space in the evening as well.

Winnebago Ekko outdoor features


There are so many ways you can personalize your RV patio to make it show your style. We have Magne Shade windshield covers for our RV with our own design on them and a USA map with the states we have visited. They are both great conversation starters as other RVers are out and about in the campground. We also have a welcome sign and flag that we like to put out. Some people set out plants, bird feeders, and other unique items that appeal to them.

Design Your Own Space

Don’t be afraid to make your RV patio space your own. Rugs, tables and chairs, fun lights, and your own personal touches will go a long way to creating the perfect outdoor spot. Of course, what you select will also depend on the size of your campsite and the storage space for carrying things in your RV. No matter which items you pick, though, your patio will give you an extra room to enjoy the outdoors and spend time making great travel memories.

Robin and her husband, Mike, are Air Force veterans and empty nesters who travel full-time in their Entegra Anthem motorhome. Always ready to explore, they love nature and wildlife, meeting new friends, and discovering America’s many hidden gems. Robin chronicles their adventures and experiences on her travel blog RVing with Robin.