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The Ultimate RV Road Trip Guide to Arizona

It’s that time of year again! Time to soak up as much of Arizona as possible before the sizzle truly commences with an AZ Road Trip.

This year, we chose our Tiffin Wayfarer to carry us all over Arizona’s desert. Built for the trek down dirt roads and shelter during those stormy Arizona haboobs, this Class C diesel RV made our road trip one for the books. Keep reading! If your goal is to explore Arizona in 4-7 days, this is the guide you’ve been looking for.

Also, while you’re here. Come see us at one of our Arizona La Mesa RV Locations:



Known for its mystical mountains and healing wonders, Sedona is the ultimate first stop. Complete with red rock routes and the quaintest old town, there is so much in store for any explorer.

– Hike Devil’s Bridge Trail: A steep but short hike. 3/4 a mile to be exact.
– Visit Chapel of the Holy Cross: A chapel nestled atop red rock buttes with an epic view of Sedona’s beauty.
– Kayak down the Verde River: Whether by tour or your own inflatable kayaks, your entry into summer never looked better.
– Visit Slide Rock State Park: Yes, Oak Creek formed a natural water slide just for you and the kids.

Camp Avalon
Chavez Cross Group Campground: 
Small RVs and trailers are permitted.
Pine Flat Campground: RVs, trailers, and motorhomes up to thirty-six feet. No utility hookups.


Arizona Road Trip
Tiffin Wayfarer and trees
Sedona AZ sparkling water
road trip iconsChapel of the holy cross sedona arizona


Known as the backdrop for multiple Western movies, Monument Valley sits right on the Arizona-Utah border. The famous park is accessed by the looping seventeen mile Valley Drive and is the ultimate RVer’s paradise. We figured out from traveling ourselves and reading multiple visitor reviews that there are truly four ways to enjoy every sandstone cluster and butte Monument Valley has to offer…

– Hiking by foot on one of Monument Valley’s multiple trails.
– Resting atop one of the many mesas, buttes and spires overlooking the iconic valley.
– Running like Forrest down Forrest Gump Point
– Driving your car or RV down the seventeen mile loop road whilst stopping along the way at every Instagrammable moment.

Pro Tip: There are some roads that RVs can’t drive down. We suggest leaving your home on wheels at your campsite for this excursion – NO LIMITS! However, if you wish to explore every route possible that Monument Valley has to offer, then we suggest double checking with the visitor center.


Monument Valley AZ
Monument Valley Red Rocks RV window
Tiffin Wayfarer in Monument Valley Red Rocks
RVing in Monument Valley
Driving through MV AZDriving through monument valley


We can’t stress enough to book your tickets for Upper and/or Lower Antelope Canyon tours as soon as you book your campsite nearby. In fact, if you decide to stay at Waheap RV Park, they can book it for you by phone. This made us feel at peace knowing we knocked out our two major to-do’s while staying in the Page area. Oh, and Horseshoe Bend? A hop, skip and a fifteen minute drive down the rode. Did we also mention it’s free? Park at the bottom of the hill and walk right up to this natural wonder.

– Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Air Tour
– Hidden Canyon Kayak Antelope Canyon Tour
– Lake Powell Canyon Adventure Boat Tour
– Upper Canyon
– Lower Canyon
– Secret Canyon: Want an alternative to taking the chance on a possible over-crowded guide? Also known as Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon and limited to 6-7 people at a time, you’ll feel as if you discovered Secret Canyon for the first time!

Waheap RV Park

Big John’s Texas Barbeque: We caught up with Angie, BJTB owner while we were there…

“We’ve been in Page for about seven years and we serve slow smoked BBQ, Texas style. We like to say come get a little taste of Texas in Arizona. We are all about fun with live music every night all summer long, seven days a week. Come out and enjoy a piece of America with BBQ and country music. Can’t wait to meet you!”


Antelope Canyon Navajo Land
Tour group into antelope canyon
Antelope canyon Arizona
Enterance to Antelope Canyon
Big Johns Texas Barbeque
Big Johns Texas Barbeque Owner
Delicious Barbeque Sandwich and Beans
Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon
Waheap RV Park
Tiffin Wayfarer plugged in at camp ground
Tiffin Wayfarer Mirror
Camping at RV camp ground
Tortilla bag left in pan
Cooking food without fire while camping


Now, we warned you at the beginning of this blog post – this guide is meant for a trip of 4-7 days. With that being said, we suggest taking a scenic walk around the cute town of Flagstaff, catch an early dinner and then drive one hour and seventeen minutes to The Grand Canyon for a perfectly painted sunset over one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Pizzicleta: Just order everything. We are serious. Don’t forget the creme limoncello.

Grand Canyon Railway RV Park

Flag Staff
cups of mashed potatoes runneth over
Electrical hazard dining under construction
The Grandest of Canyons
Tiffin Wayfarer near tree
natural places to cliff dive
Picture take from tiffin wayfarer bathroom


If you wish to beat the heat, arrive no later than 8 a.m. and get ready for the hike ahead with a good stretch and bathroom break at the park’s restrooms. The hike to and from Beaver Creek totals at seven miles.  You wanted an adventurous travel guide – you got it! The reward at the end of your hike does not disappoint. Cannonball off cliffs into the refreshing desert pool and picnic under the trees.

– Water Bottle
– Sunscreen
– Bathing Suit + Towel (or sun-dry on the warm red rock)
– GoPro or Camera (this is a scenic hike)

As an alternative to a seven mile hike, we offer you a beginner level trek. Located only a few minutes away from Beaver Creek sits Montezuma Castle National Monument, home to the well-preserved former homes of the Sinagua people. To find out more, you’ll have to experience these historic dwellings first hand.


We Went To Coconino National Forest
Wet Beaver Wilderness
Popular hiking spots Coconino Forest
1+6 with Mike on a Hike
Be careful of aligators and baricuda
cactus flower rock water
Montezuma Castle AZ
Places to Visit
Best Hole In The Wall Places


Created by Italian-American architect, Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti is a must-stop location. Stay tuned as we’ll explore one of Arizona’s most beautiful desert masterpieces just in time for their very own music festival, Form.

Arcosanti AZ
Cyprus Pines outside circle hole in wall


Did we miss one of your favorite AZ stops? Share with us in the comments below.


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