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Everything You Need to Know About National Park Week


It’s almost that time of year when we get to celebrate the most precious corners of our country – National Park Week! These seven days are dedicated to celebrating the gorgeous lands that outdoor enthusiasts across the United States have adored and explored for generations. From April 16th through April 24th, all 59 National Parks will be hosting special events, programs, and even some digital experiences! Whether you’re looking for a near or far destination to take your RV, these national treasures are calling to be your next stop. It’s a perfect time of year to cross some National Parks off of your RV travel bucket list – so to help you get started, we’re bringing you all of the know-how of this special time of year.


• When: April 16 (Saturday) – April 24 (Sunday)
• Where: All 59 of America’s National Parks
• What You Need to Know: You can visit any National Park for free for one day! Courtesy of the National Parks Foundation. Keep in mind, this once-in-a-year opportunity tends to bring in the crowds. To help mitigate, be sure to arrive at your destination park early in the day. If you’re unable to get away, you can still enjoy some serious natural beauty by taking a virtual tour provided by the National Parks Foundation!


April 16: sPark Discovery

National Parks across the country are hosting a fee-free for explorers to discover something new at a park that is either close to home or across the travel map. There’s always something to experience, whether you’re stopping by a personal favorite park or one you’ve yet to visit.

April 17: sPark Creativity

Celebrate art inspired by some of the most stunning views provided by our beloved national parks. This day is an absolute treat for those who love to support local artists.

April 18: sPark Collaboration

Discover the partnerships made with the National Park Service built by a mutual adoration for nature’s finest. These partners are dedicated to the awareness and outreach of all 59 National Parks.

April 19: sPark Innovation

Take a peek at the latest technology designed for the conservation and preservation of the lands we hold most dear while enhancing the visitor experience. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find!

April 20: sPark Opportunities

Also known as ‘Workforce Wednesday’ this day is dedicated to celebrating the individuals that maintain our National Parks. This special day highlights employment opportunities available to nature-lovers and showcases partner organizations that contribute to the National Park experience.

April 21: sPark Preservation
It’s all in the thematic name! Learn how the National Park Service works to preserve cultural, historic, natural, and recreational monuments across the nation. The organization serves internationally too! Discover how you can do your part in protecting our parks.

April 22: sPark Action

Landing on ‘Earth Day’ this day is focused on humanity’s impact on the natural world and vice versa. Learn how you can help ensure a healthy outlook for our world, – fauna and flora alike!

April 23: sPark Curiosity

Every destination comes with a story. Explore the importance of our preserved parks, whether it be historic or simply a natural phenomenon. Follow your curiosity to discover the origins of a landscape that draws your adventuring eye.

April 24: sPark Memories

This special day is all about sharing your captured memories and traditions at national parks. Take part in the community by regaling your treasured moments at your favorite parks. While we all love telling a great story, you may also be inspired by a fellow traveler to try something bold and new!

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