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Tips & Tricks for Meeting People on the Road


Traveling full-time in an RV can make you feel a bit isolated at times, especially when you are moving to new locations frequently. That doesn’t mean you can’t make connections and build friendships while you are on the road, though. With a little effort, we discovered that the RV community is full of great people who share a love for travel and adventure just like us.

There are so many ways to meet people while you are traveling, both in person and online. We are part of a whole like-minded community of people that love swapping stories and advice, helping each other, and having fun. Campers are a friendly group that will welcome you with open arms. Here are a few of our tips for meeting people on the road.

Guest Post by Robin Buck

making friends on the road while RVing, friends laughing at campground


One of the easiest locations to meet people while traveling is at the campground. You are already there anyway, and the place is full of fellow travelers. The best way to connect with other campers is by being outside your rig, whether it be walking the dog, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a drink by the campfire. Many campgrounds now also host craft sessions, potlucks, ice cream socials, or pickleball tournaments which are all fun places to interact with others.

Feeling shy? Just remember to start with a smile and a simple hello. You most likely already have a lot in common with other RVers, so it is easier to strike up a conversation. Everyone likes to talk about their RV, best camping gear, or favorite activity. Another great topic is to ask about favorite travel destinations. And what pet owner doesn’t love to talk about their fur baby? Of course, everyone has a few horror stories or funny mishaps to laugh about as well.

meet people on the road by attending RV events
Photo: @storytelleroverland

RV Clubs and Rallies

Another good place filled with RVers is an RV Club. Two of the biggest are Escapees RV Club and Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). They both have lots of active members with a wide range of experience and interests. The clubs host large rallies, but also have smaller regional chapters that organize their own events throughout the year.

Rallies are great places to meet other RVers. Not only are these events filled with RV information and learning sessions, but they often have shopping, entertainment, and fun activities as well. We have been to several rallies with the All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM) and they are first class events. Meals, RV company representatives, informative talks, and loads of fun activities and tours are all the norm at AIM rallies. The best part about a rally is the camaraderie with so many other RVers like you.

friends hanging out in the back of RV with dog

Social Media

You don’t always have to meet people face to face either. There are many online options for finding fellow RV friends too. Facebook, Instagram, and RV Village are very popular platforms where you can find RV specific groups as well as many discussion forums. We belong to several Facebook groups that are specific to the type and/or brand of coach that we own, but there are also groups for women, veterans, families, full-timers, boondockers, work campers, and many more.

These social media groups are a great place to ask questions, share information, and connect with others. It is so helpful to know we can reach out to someone with experience when we need help or advice. You also never know when your connection will lead to a real life meet up. We recently arrived at a campground and parked next to another Entegra motorhome like ours. It was fun to meet these neighbors in person and realize we had “talked” numerous times via our Facebook group.

RV Tours

If you are looking for a really easy way to travel and make friends at the same time, you might want to try an RV Tour. Companies like Adventure Caravans or Fantasy RV Tours offer professionally planned and guided RV trips to exciting destinations in the US and also abroad. From reservations and driving routes to excursions and entertainment, you can sit back and relax because they plan and guide you the whole way. You’ll have time to make great new friends as you experience fun together on your tour.

man staying in touch with friends and family on the road through FaceTime

Stay in Touch

Once you meet people that you click with, it’s important to stay in touch after you part ways. Before you leave make sure to exchange phone numbers or social media accounts, so you know how to reach each other. We made a special connection with another couple at an Entegra course and kept in frequent contact. They later invited us to meet up with them and we have been great friends ever since. We even traveled together last summer, and it was so fun knowing we would have friends with us at each stop.

A great way to make staying in touch easier is to have contact cards printed up. Ours look similar to business cards and have our phone numbers and other information on them, as well as our picture. We found that it was easier to remember people when a picture is on their card, and we will often jot down where we met to help jog our memory later. Contact cards are a simple form of networking that doesn’t cost a lot. Many full-time RVers especially have cards to stay in touch.

family picnic at RV campground

Enjoy New Friendships

We have met some life-long friends since we started traveling and I am sure you will too. You already have an instant bond as RVers so it’s easy to talk about your adventures, your struggles, or your rig. What starts out as an invite to sit around the campfire might just turn into years of friendship and fun down the road. Be open to the possibilities and you will find that RVing is that much better having great new friends to share it with.

Robin and her husband, Mike, are Air Force veterans and empty nesters who travel full-time in their Entegra Anthem motorhome. Always ready to explore, they love nature and wildlife, meeting new friends, and discovering America’s many hidden gems. Robin chronicles their adventures and experiences on her travel blog RVing with Robin.