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The Best Grilling Options While RVing


One of the best parts of camping is being able to cook in the great outdoors. In fact, we’re such devote believers that food tastes better outside that we have an entire cooking series that supports our claim. If you’re new to RVing or haven’t started cooking in your camper, this is your sign to take the leap. It’s an amazing way to bond with your loved ones and eat clean while traveling. Grilling on the road is the perfect place to start.

There are many options on the market when it comes to grilling. We’ve outlined some tips for you to determine the best grilling option for your needs. Check out the details below!

Guest Post by Robin Buck

Campground Grill

For those that don’t have a grill, an easy option when you are traveling is to use the campsite’s grill…if they have one. Sometimes the grill is not in the best condition, but you can help it by cleaning the grates with a wire brush and then covering them with foil. You will need to bring charcoal to cook with, or you can often purchase it at the campground store. This option is fine if you are an occasional griller, but the downside is not all campgrounds have grills available for use.

Take Your Own Grill

We find it easier to bring our own grill when we are traveling because then you don’t have to worry whether there will be one at the campground. If you want to purchase your own grill there are many popular brands and sizes to choose from. One of the biggest factors to consider is what fuel the grill will use: charcoal, propane, or electricity.


Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills give you the traditional smoky flavor that people think of when you say cookout. These grills come in many shapes and sizes and are pretty simple to use. The downsides of a charcoal grill are the longer time needed to get the charcoal going, difficulty in maintaining a specific temperature, and required cleanup of the coals afterwards. There are many manufacturers like Weber and Cuisinart that produce good portable charcoal grills.

Propane Grills

One of the most popular options, propane grills heat up quickly which means less time is spent on cooking your meal. They also come with controls so you can better manage the exact cooking temperature needed. You can use portable propane canisters for fuel and avoid the need for disposing of hot coals like on the charcoal grill. Be aware that different grills have different BTUs which determine how hot they can get. Coleman, Blackstone, and Weber all make multiple models and sizes of propane grills to choose from.


Electric Grills

Electric grills are another choice for outdoor cooking, as long as you have a power source to plug into. Fortunately, if you are parked in a campground then you will have an outlet available either on the power pole or in your RV. A benefit of electric grills is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with messy charcoal or running out of propane gas. We found that electric grills did not have the BTUs we wanted and took longer to warm up than propane grills, but they are a good choice if you are in a burn ban area. Weber and Cuisinart make several electric grill models.


Some people prefer a griddle over a grill. These appliances have a flat cooking surface instead of grates like on a regular grill. They are perfect for cooking things like eggs, pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches, and veggies as well as meats. Their large cooking surface is good if you are cooking a lot of food at once. There are even grills that have both a regular surface and a griddle, or a removable griddle plate option.


Grill Size

When you are deciding on a grill, remember that it will be traveling with you in your RV. Because of that, size and weight will be important factors. Think about the storage area where you will keep the grill and take measurements to make sure it will fit. You should also consider how many people you will typically be feeding when thinking about size. Many grills also have accessory options such as a stand, cover, or an extra shelf to make room for.

Picking the Best Grill

Once you figure out which type of fuel source you want to use for your grill, you will be able to narrow down your choice considerably based on size. Then you can decide which features you want and how much you want to spend. There are so many good brands that you will have lots of grills to choose from. Your family will be so happy to have a delicious meal cooked outdoors on your next RV trip.

Robin and her husband, Mike, are Air Force veterans and empty nesters who travel full-time in their Entegra Anthem motorhome. Always ready to explore, they love nature and wildlife, meeting new friends, and discovering America’s many hidden gems. Robin chronicles their adventures and experiences on her travel blog RVing with Robin.