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Easy Maintenance Tasks RVers Can Learn on Their Own


If you’re an RVer, then you know that there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re on the road. Between ensuring that your vehicle is in good condition and making sure you have everything you need for your trip, it can be easy to overlook some of the routine maintenance tasks that need to be done.

However, performing these tasks doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, many of them can be done on your own with just a little bit of knowledge. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of performing your own RV maintenance and tips for learning how to keep your RV in top shape. Read on for more info!

Guest Post and Photos by The Adventure Detour 

Why RV Maintenance Is So Important

RV maintenance is important for several reasons. Primarily, it helps to prolong the life of your RV. Regular maintenance can identify potential problems early on before they have a chance to cause serious damage. RV maintenance can also help to improve your RV’s performance. By keeping your RV in good condition, you can help to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

RV maintenance can help to keep you safe on the road. By regularly checking your RV for safety issues, you can help to avoid accidents and breakdowns. In short, RV maintenance is essential for anyone who owns an RV. By taking care of your RV, you can help to ensure that it will provide years of trouble-free use.

Benefits Of Doing Your Own RV Maintenance

RVing is a great way to see the country and spend time with family and friends. However, RV ownership comes with a unique set of challenges, one of which is RV maintenance. Many RV owners choose to do the maintenance themselves to save money and ensure that their RV is in top condition. 

There are many benefits to doing RV maintenance yourself, including the following:

  • • You can save money on expensive RV repairs. It’s both cheaper to perform your own maintenance and saves more money long term by preventing costly future issues.
  • • You can keep your RV in top condition, which will help it last longer. You want to protect your RV investment as much as possible.
  • • You can develop a better understanding of your RV’s systems, which can be helpful to prevent relying on someone else for repairs. The more you can learn about how your RV works, the more you are able to fix issues that pop up yourself.
  • • By doing RV maintenance yourself, you don’t have to lose the use of your RV while service is being done. Sometimes it can also take a while to get a service appointment.

There are many reasons to consider doing your own RV maintenance. With a little knowledge and effort, you can keep your RV running like new for years to come.

Tips For Learning RV Maintenance

What should you do if you are brand new to RVing and need to learn more about how to perform RV maintenance tasks? If you need resources to learn how to perform maintenance on your RV, check out YouTube. We have watched countless videos that have been valuable for learning new skills. 

Honestly, you can almost learn anything anymore with a little patience and time spent watching YouTube videos. I am always amazed at how many RVers and even RV repair technicians have spent the time to make incredible step-by-step video tutorials. We still learn new things all the time by watching videos.

If the internet isn’t your thing or you prefer to learn in person, consider hiring a mobile RV technician to come out and perform maintenance tasks the first time around while also teaching you. This is a tip many RVers don’t think about that we have done many times. Usually independently operating RV mobile repair technicians not only do incredible work, but they are happy to teach you what they are doing at the same time. Plus you can continue using your RV during the service or repairs.

When we bought our first RV and had no clue how to use it. We hired a mobile tech to come out and un-winterize it while also showing us how some of our RV systems worked. This was incredibly helpful for us and he didn’t mind teaching us at all. We took videos and notes so we had the skills moving forward to do things ourselves in the future.

Note that RV mobile repair services usually have a charge to come out to your campsite and then charge hourly for their services. So while you can have them teach you whatever you like, just know what the cost is per hour before you decide to use an RV mobile repair technician. We love this hands-on in-person approach to learning new RV maintenance and repair skills.

Tips And Tools To Keep Track Of RV Maintenance

Owning an RV is a great way to see the country and spend time with family and friends. However, RV ownership also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. In order to keep your RV in good condition, it is important to keep track of all maintenance and repairs.

This can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few simple tips that can help. First, create a master list of all the maintenance tasks that need to be performed on your RV. This should include everything from changing the oil to checking the tire pressure.

Once you have your list, you can use a calendar or scheduling app to keep track of when each task needs to be done. You can also set up reminders so that you don’t forget anything. In addition, it is always a good idea to keep a file of all receipts for RV-related purchases. This will come in handy if you ever need to make a warranty claim or get insurance reimbursement for repairs.

To simplify this process, we recommend using an app like RV Life Maintenance which tracks and documents maintenance tasks, creates a maintenance schedule, sends e-mail reminders to help you stay on track of what needs to be done next, keeps track of costs, and stores receipts. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your RV stays in good condition for years to come.

Consult Your Specific RV Operating Manual For Required Maintenance

The first step is to gather your RV’s operating manual and any other relevant documentation. This will give you a good overview of the RV’s systems and how they work. Once you have a good understanding of the RV, you can start creating your own RV Maintenance checklist. The checklist should include all of the RV’s systems. Every RV model has variations in the maintenance that is required, so even if you are using an app or checklist found elsewhere, it’s important to make sure it matches your specific RV requirements.

Recognize Your Limits

It’s empowering to be able to perform RV maintenance and repairs yourself. However, it’s also really important to pay attention to your comfort level and safety. Could I learn how to rewire something by hanging out with an electrician and by watching YouTube videos? Possibly, but electrical systems are beyond my do-it-yourself comfort level. It’s always a good idea to call the professionals when needed. Safety first! La Mesa offers an excellent service department for all your needs that are beyond your comfort level. Click here to find the one closest to you!

Learning RV maintenance is a great way to save money in the long run, learn more about how your RV works, and keep your RV running smoothly for years to come. With a little practice, you’ll be able to tackle the most common repairs and upkeep tasks like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Scott, his wife Van, and their 12-year-old daughter Sissy have traveled full-time in their RV for 7 years. They have worked and homeschooled on the road through 42 states so far. They blog about RVing tips, travel destinations, and the full-time RV lifestyle on their blog, TheAdventureDetour. They are also RV content creators @theadventuredetour on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. They love connecting with RVers so be sure to reach out to them and say hi!